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IMDEA Software Institute
Office 342
Campus de Montegancedo s/n
28223 - Pozuelo de Alarcón
Madrid, Spain

+34 91 101 2202 ext 4139

Last update: December, 2018

Elena Gutiérrez

PhD. student

About me

I am a PhD. student at the IMDEA Software Institute under the supervision of Pierre Ganty.

I have studied a Double Degree on Mathematics and Computer Science at the UAM University from 2011 to 2016.

You can find further information about me in my CV.


PhD. Research

My research is focused on applications of Automata Theory and Formal Languages Theory in the field of Program Verification.


During my summer internships at IMDEA, I worked on the Linearisation of Horn clauses. As a result of this work, I presented my final degree project on this topic under the title 'Linearisation of k-index bounded sets of Horn clauses'. This project includes the implementation of a procedure in Prolog that transforms a set of non-linear Horn clauses into linear preserving the models. The procedure is available in a public repository in Github.


▪ P. Ganty and E. Gutiérrez. The Regular Property for Weighted Context-Free Grammars. In FSTTCS 2018. [PDF]

▪ P. Ganty and E. Gutiérrez. Parikh Image of Pushdown Automata. In FCT 2017. [PDF]


ELP. A linearisation procedure for index-bounded sets of Horn clauses.[Github Project Page]


▪ E. Gutiérrez. Linearisation of k-index bounded sets of Horn clauses. Double Degree on Mathematics and Computer Science thesis, Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, May 2016. [PDF]

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