I am a Data Scientist @ Quant AI Lab.

I have a PhD in Software, Systems & Computing focused on mathematical models for software analysis, NLP and AI from Universidad Politécnica de Madrid. I completed my PhD while working at the IMDEA Software Institute in Madrid. Before that, I studied a Double Degree in Mathematics and Software Engineering at Universidad Autónoma de Madrid.

Professional Experience

Quant AI Lab
Data Scientist
Jul. 2021 - Present
Deloitte Spain
Consultant in the area of technology and strategy
Jan. 2021 - Jul. 2021
IMDEA Software Institute
PhD. candidate
Sep. 2016 - Jan. 2021


PhD. in Software, Systems & Computing
Universidad Politécnica de Madrid and IMDEA Software Institute
Sep. 2016 - Sep. 2020
Double Degree in Mathematics & Software Engineering
Universidad Autónoma de Madrid
Sep. 2011 - Sep. 2016


National Institute of Informatics (Tokyo)
At the ERATO MMSD Project (Metamathematics for Systems Design Project) under the supervision of Prof. Ichiro Hasuo
May 2019 - Nov. 2019
IMDEA Software Institute (Madrid)
Supervised by Prof. Pierre Ganty
summers of 2013, 2014 and 2015


  • A Quasiorder-Based Perspective on Residual Automata.

    Pierre Ganty, Elena Gutiérrez and Pedro Valero. MFCS 2020.

  • Genetic Algorithm for the Weight Maximization Problem on Weighted Automata.

    Elena Gutiérrez, Takamasa Okudono, Masaki Waga and Ichiro Hasuo. GECCO 2020.

  • A Congruence-Based Perspective on Automata Minimization Algorithms.

    Pierre Ganty, Elena Gutiérrez and Pedro Valero. MFCS 2019.

  • The Parikh Property for Weighted Context-Free Grammars.

    Pierre Ganty and Elena Gutiérrez. FSTTCS 2018.

  • Parikh Image of Pushdown Automata.

    Pierre Ganty and Elena Gutiérrez. FCT 2017.


  • New Perspectives on Classical Automata Constructions.

    Elena Gutiérrez. Ph.D. Thesis (Sep.,2020).

  • Linearisation of k-index bounded sets of Horn clauses.

    Elena Gutiérrez. Final Degree Project (May, 2016).


  • ga-wfas

    A genetic algorithm (in C) for approximating the solution of the weight maximization problem on weighted automata over rational numbers.

  • elp

    A procedure (in Prolog) for linearising index-bounded sets of Horn clauses.


  • [name]gutiv@gmail.com

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